[Cython] Rewriting/compiling parts of CPython's stdlib in Cython

Robert Bradshaw robertwb at math.washington.edu
Thu Mar 24 21:03:45 CET 2011

On Thu, Mar 24, 2011 at 12:58 PM, Stefan Behnel <stefan_ml at behnel.de> wrote:
> Robert Bradshaw, 24.03.2011 20:18:
>> On Thu, Mar 24, 2011 at 10:42 AM, Stefan Behnel wrote:
>>> Stefan Behnel, 22.03.2011 08:59:
>>>> Robert Bradshaw, 22.03.2011 08:14:
>>>>> On Mon, Mar 21, 2011 at 11:10 PM, Stefan Behnel wrote:
>>>>>> Reimplementing existing C modules in Cython might, however, be more
>>>>>> interesting for python-dev, but also be a larger undertaking. So a
>>>>>> GSoC
>>>>>> might be worth running on that.
>>>>> I think that's a great idea. Would you be willing to mentor such a
>>>>> project.
>>>> As usual, I'm not sure I'll have the time, but if no-one else steps up,
>>>> I'd
>>>> consider it.
>>> Should we sign up with the PSF GSoC umbrella to officially propose this
>>> project?
>>> https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=dHh3WFNGYzkyWWE0ZjM1eFFoUUVGWmc6MQ
>>> Do we have any other topics for the GSoC this year? We'd be just in time
>>> if
>>> we discuss this at the workshop, although somewhat late already. The
>>> student
>>> application deadline is from March 28 to April 8.
>>> http://socghop.appspot.com/document/show/gsoc_program/google/gsoc2011/timeline
>> There's always our enhancements page, but some of those are fairly
>> advanced. I think this'd be a really good GSoC project, very modular,
>> and doesn't require getting to know the internals of the compiler to
>> start making a serious contribution (at least not right away, I'm sure
>> bugs and optimizations will be submitted).
> Well, almost certainly bugs will be found, at least, and if we get a fix as
> well, I'd be the more happy. :)
>> I'm willing to (co?)-mentor. Stefan? Craig? With the three of us we
>> could easily mentor at least one student, and perhaps two (if another
>> really solid proposal/student comes up).
> +1, splitting this will make it easier for everyone. And there will be
> support from the lists anyway.
>> Anyone else willing to
>> mentor? I haven't pushed on GSoC much this year yet because no one's
>> stepped up to mentor, but there's still ample time on our side.
> Ok, want to sign up the Cython project then?

Well, I'm talking about under the Python foundation umbrella.

> What became of the Sage proposal, BTW? Will they give a compiled stdlib a
> try?

I completely forgot to ask (too many other things on my mind). We have
a fairly extensive test suite, so I think the thing to do would be to
try it out and see if anything breaks (which will be a good confidence
builder for both Cython and Sage).

- Robert

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