[Cython] Cython 0.16

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at behnel.de
Thu Nov 3 22:26:47 CET 2011

Vitja Makarov, 03.11.2011 21:42:
> 2011/11/4 mark florisson:
>> With Vitja's super() ready and with fused classmethods and
>> staticmethods ready, I think we're almost ready for a release. I also
>> supported cdef class static methods (previously it gave compiler
>> crashes).
> That's nice. I've also implemented support for dynamic default args
> http://trac.cython.org/cython_trac/ticket/674
> I think it could be merged either.
>> I think we should also merge pull requests 'casting to template
>> pointer' (after a test is added), and probably 'Makefile: rework repo
>> creation target' (although I haven't looked at it closely). I think
>> cythonize() is also worth documenting better, as it's a pretty neat
>> feature that should be more prominent and easier to find for users
>> (including examples of some of the #distutils directives).

That's a great list of improvements!

The one problem with cythonize() is that it doesn't (yet) have a good way 
of defining additional build options, e.g. required libraries etc. for an 
extension. Those should be keyword arguments of some sort, maybe just 
passed through into the Extension class constructor.


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