[Cython] 0.16 release

Sébastien Sablé Sablé sable at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Feb 24 10:25:34 CET 2012


could you please also look at incorporating the following patch before
releasing 0.16? (if it has not already been merged)


It has been more or less validated, but a test case is needed.

This patch makes using C++ templates much more convenient with Cython.

Currently I have to use hacks like the following which looks ugly and make
the code less readable:
ctypedef TCacheVarData[float] TCacheVarData_float "TCacheVarData<float>"

Also thank you for all the work done on Cython, I have been using it (and
Pyrex before) intensively  for more than 6 years now, and it makes
integrating Python and C/C++ really convenient.

Thanks in advance

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