[Cython] [cython-users] GSoC 2012

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at behnel.de
Sun Mar 11 09:27:30 CET 2012

Mathieu Blondel, 11.03.2012 09:19:
> On Thu, Mar 8, 2012 at 10:27 PM, Stefan Behnel wrote:
>> I noticed that people start rushing for the next season on Python's GSoC
>> mailing lists. Do we have any interested developers here, or general ideas
>> about suitable topics? I would expect that we'll do as in the last years
>> and participate under Python's umbrella.
> Function overloading would be nice:
> http://wiki.cython.org/enhancements/overloading

Don't we have (most of) that already? At least the complete infrastructure
should be there now, given that we have C++ support and fused types.
Doesn't sound non-trivial enough for a GSoC to me.


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