[Cython] Release branch usage

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at behnel.de
Sat Mar 24 17:06:45 CET 2012

mark florisson, 23.03.2012 15:29:
> On 23 March 2012 14:24, Stefan Behnel wrote:
>> mark florisson, 23.03.2012 15:09:
>>> I also changed the cython-sdist to pull from the release0.16
>>> branch, to make sure things work in the release.
>> There are dedicated cython-release jobs for that. Not sure in what
>> state they are (haven't been used for a while), but they were supposed
>> to work on the "release" branch. If you had named the branch plain
>> "release", they would have done the right thing.
> Ok I'll rename the release branch then.

Thanks. Basically, I think the way the "release" branch should be used is
just to collect the release relevant changes up to the release, and once
that's done (and there's a tag for the release), it should simply be merged
back into the master branch to die there.

That way, we can recreate it for each new release, including emergency fix
releases, which would go on top of the release tag.


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