[Cython] some pull requests for 0.16?

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at behnel.de
Sat Mar 24 17:17:19 CET 2012

mark florisson, 20.03.2012 17:40:
> Finally, there is a serious bug in the reversed(range()) optimization
> that Mike Graham discovered when working on the range() optimization
> with a runtime step, which is basically wrong for any step that is not
> 1 or -1 (it simply swaps the bounds with an offset by 1, but it
> actually has to figure out what the actual last value was in the range
> and use that as the start instead). I personally consider this a
> blocker, so I'll try contacting Mike and see if he is still
> (interested in) working on that.

I've disabled the optimisation in the release branch.


Given that this didn't work before, disabling it isn't a regression, so
I've closed the ticket (#763) and added a new one as request for
optimisation (#765).


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