[Cython] funding (Re: sage.math problems?)

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at behnel.de
Tue Mar 27 09:00:57 CEST 2012

mark florisson, 26.03.2012 19:42:
> Apparently something is wrong with the py31 and py32 release jobs:
> /levi/scratch/hudson/tmp/hudson738187841750656805.sh: line 17:
> /levi/scratch/robertwb/hudson/hudson/jobs/cython-release-tests/workspace/BACKEND/c/PYVERSION/py31-ext/python/bin/python:
> No such file or directory (see
> https://sage.math.washington.edu:8091/hudson/view/release/job/cython-release-tests/BACKEND=c,PYVERSION=py31-ext/5/console).
> The originating problem is: ln: accessing
> `/levi/scratch/robertwb/hudson/hudson/jobs/py31-ext-hg/lastStable/archive/python31-bin.tar.gz':
> No such file or directory

Ah, sorry. A typo in the final archiving step. Should work now.


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