[Cython] Gsoc project

Philip Herron redbrain at gcc.gnu.org
Tue Mar 27 23:17:15 CEST 2012


I got linked to your idea
by David Malcolm on his plugin mailing list.

I am looking to apply to Gsoc once again this year i have done gsoc
2010 and 2011 on GCC implementing my own GCC front-end for python
which is still in very early stages since its a huge task. But i am
tempted to apply to this project to implement a more self contained
project to give back to the community more promptly while that hacking
on my own front-end on my own timer. And i think it would benefit me
to get to understand in more detail different aspects of python which
is what i need and would gain very much experience from.

I was wondering if you could give me some more details on how this
could all work i am not 100% familiar with cython but i think i
understand it to a good extend from playing with it for most of my
evening. I just want to make sure i understand the basic use case of
this fully, When a user could have something like:

-header foo.h

extern int add (int, int);

-source foo.c

#include "foo.h"

int add (int x, int y)
  return x+y;

We use the plugin to go over the decls created and create a pxd file like:

cdef int add (int a, int b):
    return a + b

Although this is a really basic example i just want to make sure i
understand whats going on. Maybe some more of you have input? I guess
this would be best suited as a proposal for Python rather than GCC?


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