[Cython] buffer syntax vs. memory view syntax

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at behnel.de
Mon May 7 19:00:47 CEST 2012

mark florisson, 07.05.2012 18:28:
> On 7 May 2012 17:00, Dag Sverre Seljebotn wrote:
>> On 05/07/2012 04:16 PM, Stefan Behnel wrote:
>>> Stefan Behnel, 07.05.2012 15:04:
>>>> Dag Sverre Seljebotn, 07.05.2012 13:48:
>>>>> BTW, with the coming of memoryviews, me and Mark talked about just
>>>>> deprecating the "mytype[...]" meaning buffers, and rather treat it as
>>>>> np.ndarray, array.array etc. being some sort of "template types". That
>>>>> is,
>>>>> we disallow "object[int]" and require some special declarations in the
>>>>> relevant pxd files.
>>>> Hmm, yes, it's unfortunate that we have two different types of syntax
>>>> now,
>>>> one that declares the item type before the brackets and one that declares
>>>> it afterwards.
>>> I actually think this merits some more discussion. Should we consider the
>>> buffer interface syntax deprecated and focus on the memory view syntax?
>> I think that's the very-long-term intention. Then again, it may be too early
>> to really tell yet, we just need to see how the memory views play out in
>> real life and whether they'll be able to replace np.ndarray[double] among
>> real users. We don't want to shove things down users throats.
>> But the use of the trailing-[] syntax needs some cleaning up. Me and Mark
>> agreed we'd put this proposal forward when we got around to it:
>>  - Deprecate the "object[double]" form, where [dtype] can be stuck on any
>> extension type
>>  - But, do NOT (for the next year at least) deprecate np.ndarray[double],
>> array.array[double], etc. Basically, there should be a magic flag in
>> extension type declarations saying "I can be a buffer".
>> For one thing, that is sort of needed to open up things for templated cdef
>> classes/fused types cdef classes, if that is ever implemented.
> Deprecating is definitely a good start.

Then the first step on that road is to rework the documentation so that it
pushes users into going for memory views instead of the plain buffer syntax.

> I think at least if you only
> allow two types as buffers it will be at least reasonably clear when
> one is dealing with fused types or buffers.
> Basically, I think memoryviews should live up to demands of the users,
> which would mean there would be no reason to keep the buffer syntax.
> One thing to do is make memoryviews coerce cheaply back to the
> original objects if wanted (which is likely). Writting
> np.asarray(mymemview) is kind of annoying.

... and also doesn't do the same thing, I believe.

> Also, OT (sorry), but I'm kind of worried about the memoryview ABI. If
> it changes (and I intend to do so), cython modules compiled with
> different cython versions will become incompatible if they call each
> other through pxds. Maybe that should be defined as UB...

Would there be a way to only use the plain buffer interface for cross
module memory view exchange? That could be an acceptable overhead to pay
for ABI independence.


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