[Cython] Py_UNICODE* string support

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at behnel.de
Sun Mar 3 20:41:04 CET 2013

Nikita Nemkin, 03.03.2013 14:40:
> Please reconsider your decision wrt C-level literals.
> I believe that nogil code and a bit of efficiency (on 3.3) justify their
> existence. (char* literals do have C-level literals, Py_UNICODE* is in
> the same basket when it comes to Windows code).
> The code to support them is also small and well-contained.
> I've updated my pull request to fully support for non-BMP Py_UNICODE[]
> literals.

Ok, I think it's ok now. I can accept the special casing of Py_UNICODE
literals, it actually adds a value.

As one little nit-pick, may I ask you to rename the new name references to
"unicode" into "py_unicode" in your code? For example, "is_unicode",
"get_unicode_const", "unicode_const_index", etc. Given that Py_UNICODE is
no longer the native equivalent of Python's unicode type in Py3.3, I'd like
to avoid confusion in the code. The name "unicode" is much more likely to
refer to the builtin Python type than to a native C type when it appears in
Cython's sources.


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