[Cython] Py_UNICODE* string support

Nikita Nemkin nikita at nemkin.ru
Mon Mar 4 18:39:36 CET 2013

On Mon, 04 Mar 2013 01:56:59 +0600, Stefan Behnel <stefan_ml at behnel.de>  

> As one little nit-pick, may I ask you to rename the new name references  
> to "unicode" into "py_unicode" in your code? For example, "is_unicode",
> "get_unicode_const", "unicode_const_index", etc. Given that Py_UNICODE is
> no longer the native equivalent of Python's unicode type in Py3.3, I'd  
> like to avoid confusion in the code. The name "unicode" is much more  
> likely to
> refer to the builtin Python type than to a native C type when it appears  
> in Cython's sources.

Actually, "py_unicode" is even more likely to be mistaken for Python-level
unicode. There are already pairs of methods like
get_string_const (C-level) + get_py_string_const (Py-level).

I suggest one of "py_unicode_ptr", "py_unicode_str", "wstring",  
"ustring", "unicode_string" to unambiguously refer to Py_UNICODE* variables
and constants. Take yout pick.

> Oh, and yet another thing: could you write up some documentation for this
> in docs/src/tutorial/strings.rst ? Basically a Windows/wchar_t related
> section, that also warns about the inefficiency in Py3.3, so that users
> don't accidentally assume it's efficient for anything that needs to be
> portable.

Sure, I'm writing the docs now.

Best regards,
Nikita Nemkin

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