[Cython] "embedsignature" and "autotestdict" features in Py3.4

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at behnel.de
Thu Jan 30 11:13:04 CET 2014

Stefan Behnel, 29.11.2013 17:03:
> recent changes in Py3.4 affect the functionality of the two directives
> "embedsignature" and "autotestdict".
> The so-called "argument clinic" extracts any embedded signatures from
> docstrings and moves them into a new property "__text_signature__". This is
> done at runtime, i.e. when either "__doc__" or "__text_signature__" are
> requested.
> http://hg.python.org/cpython/file/6a3e09cd96f3/Objects/methodobject.c#l182
> I personally consider this a feature (and it works nicely with the
> signatures that Cython embeds), but you may or may not agree. It broke some
> of our own doctests, at least, because the "__doc__" value that we tested
> for was no longer the same.

This feature has essentially been reverted and can thus be expected to not
go into the final CPython 3.4 release. The reason was that it interfered
with existing docstrings (as noted above), so they invented a new scheme
"sig=..." for generated signatures to only extract those created by the
argument clinic itself.

For Cython, this means that CPython no longer touches the docstrings, so
the embedded signature string continues to appear where users can see it
and tools like Sphinx or epydoc parse it.

Eventually, Cython should generate a real Python level representation of
the signature, but that's not easy to get "right" due to the C-to-Python
mapping, and because the "Signature" class is not available in older Python
versions and generally not meant to be used manually. See PEP 362 for some



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