[Cython] Can't call functions with multi-token template arguments such as 'char *'

Michael Enßlin michael at ensslin.cc
Fri Jun 12 13:01:42 CEST 2015


it seems to be impossible to use anything but a single word as a
template type for functions.

Classes don't suffer from this issue, as seen below.

As a workaround, complex types can be ctypedef-d to a single word (also
seen below).

$ cat t10.pyx

cdef extern from "nope.h":
    cdef cppclass bar[T]:
        void func(T arg)

    void foo[T](T arg)

ctypedef char * charptr

def test():
    # works
    cdef bar[char *] barobj

    # works

    # works

    # fails
    foo[char *](NULL)

$ cython --cplus t10.pyx

Error compiling Cython file:

    # works

    # fails
    foo[char *](NULL)

t10.pyx:27:14: Expected an identifier or literal

Happy debugging,
	~ mic_e

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