[Cython] BUG: Invalid code generated from prange()

Thouis (Ray) Jones thouis at gmail.com
Tue Nov 3 09:34:30 EST 2015

Cythoning and then trying to compile the attached test causes gcc-4.9 to
error out with:

physics.c:1840:165: error: invalid entry to OpenMP structured block
       if (unlikely(!__pyx_v_XY.memview)) {
__Pyx_RaiseUnboundMemoryviewSliceNogil("XY"); {__pyx_filename = __pyx_f[0];
__pyx_lineno = 21; __pyx_clineno = __LINE__; goto __pyx_L5_error;} }

clang version 3.5 (with openmp) gives the less helpful "use of undeclared
label '__pyx_L5_error'".

Ray Jones
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