[Cython] Cython coverage and multiple projects

Masood Malekghassemi atash at google.com
Wed Oct 28 21:41:24 EDT 2015

After reorganizing the code such that all the tests are located back in the
same project, setting up the running of tests in-tree, and using the
unittest module directly, there's been much success! Automatically suffixed
.coverage files are generated per test case and merged at the end (keeping
open the possibility of process-level parallelism later). The coverage
report at the end after invoking `coverage combine` on the command line is
as expected. There's a strange caveat, though: using the coverage.py API
and calling 'coverage.Coverage().combine()' following the test runs erases
the Cython coverage data from the .coverage files. I haven't poked at it
much yet, as this is only a papercut for us, but if it's an issue with the
Cython plug-in, I figure y'all ought to know.

Thanks again!
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