[Cython] Automatically add include_dirs for externs (#1654)

Jeroen Demeyer jdemeyer at cage.ugent.be
Tue Apr 11 06:00:05 EDT 2017

Dear Cython developers,

as part of a big effort to make SageMath less monolithic and make it 
part of a larger ecosystem, we are splitting off certain modules from 
SageMath as separate packages. cysignals was an early example of this.

Given that we use Cython a lot, it is really important for us that 
inter-package C and Cython interfaces work well. One blocking issue is 

That PR improves the way how "cdef extern from" files are found: it will 
automatically add a disutils include_dirs argument to the Extension if 
it's needed to find to extern file. It is needed whenever you have a 
package which installs .pxd and .h files in site-packages.


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