[Cython] Cython 0.27 alpha 1 is available

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at behnel.de
Sat Sep 16 05:39:27 EDT 2017

Hi all,

Cython 0.27 is nearing completion, so here's an alpha release to get
feedback on the many new feature that went in.


These are the major new features:

- PEP 484/526 annotation typing
- PEP 525/530 async generators
- automatic "__richcmp__()" generation from "__eq__()" & friends
- support for Python object references in C++ classes
- PGO compilation mode in Jupyter notebooks

Plus many little enhancements and bug fixes. For a longer list of
improvements, see the changelog:


Hope you like it. The timeframe for the final release is hopefully early
October. The more feedback we get, the quicker we can prepare it.


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