[Cython] Python subinterpreters support problem in v0.29

Ricardo Dias rdias at suse.com
Tue Dec 11 17:16:55 EST 2018

On 11/12/18 19:39, Stefan Behnel wrote:
> Ricardo Dias schrieb am 10.12.18 um 14:42:
>> In the recent Cython 0.29 version was introduced a commit [1] that
>> hinders the usage of python subinterpreters.
>> I discovered this the hard way when suddenly a component I was working
>> on started to crash. The component in question is the ceph-mgr daemon
>> from the Ceph project [2].
>> Python subinterpreters are the basic building block for the
>> plugin/module architecture of ceph-mgr. Each "manager module" runs in
>> its own python subinterpreter. Furthermore, all python bindings for the
>> client libraries of Ceph, such as librados, librbd, libcephfs, and
>> librgw, are implemented as Cython modules, and in the particular case of
>> librados, all ceph-mgr plugin modules import the rados Cython module
>> upon initialization.
>> In practice, with Cython 0.29 we can only load one module, because the
>> following modules will refuse to load.
>> After discovering this issue, we "temporarily" prevent the issue by
>> restricting the version of Cython as a dependency [3]. But we don't want
>> to keep this restriction indefinitely and would prefer a fix from the
>> Cython side.
>> Do you think it's feasible to implement a flag to disable the safe guard
>> introduced in [1]? That way we could re-enable subinterpreters at our
>> own risk.
>> [1]
>> https://github.com/cython/cython/commit/7e27c7cd51a2f048cd6d3c246740cd977f8d2e50
>> [2] https://github.com/ceph/ceph
>> [3] https://github.com/ceph/ceph/pull/25328
> My guess is that your modules just silently leaked object references and
> memory with the previous Cython versions. That is why we now inserted a
> guard that detects cases where the module init function is executed
> multiple times, which would overwrite the state of the previous run. The
> shared library of an extension module is only loaded once, so any global C
> state is shared for the entire process, regardless of how often CPython
> calls the module init function.

I assume that the problem with subinterpreters occurs when a cython
module declares some static/global variables, which might cause
undesirable side-effects upon module loading in several subinterpreters.

I believe the cython modules that we develop in Ceph do not declared any
global state, and therefore the modules have been working good when
loaded by several subinterpreters.

> I am surprised that your setup didn't crash in any way. Could you explain a
> bit more how you are using this feature? Are the different subinterpreters
> running in parallel or sequentially? The ceph repo looks huge. Any pointers
> where I should start looking?

The subinterpreters are run in parallel. Basically we have a single
process, the ceph-mgr daemon that creates a subinterpreter per each mgr
plugin (a plugin is basically a pure python module) that it finds in a
specific location.
All these plugins import the "rados" cython module to be able to talk
with the Ceph cluster.

The C++ code that manages the subinterpreters can be found at:


More specifically in the files PyModule.* PyModuleRegistry.*:


> I actually wonder if we could at least support sequential usages through
> the module cleanup mechanism. Once a module is cleaned up and all global
> objects freed, calling the module init function again should be ok.>
> Apart from that, here is the feature ticket for module specific global state:
> https://github.com/cython/cython/issues/2343
> Stefan
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