[Cython] Minimum Py3 version (3.4) – was: [cython-users] Should Cython 3.0 still have Python 2.x support?

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at behnel.de
Sat Feb 2 17:07:34 EST 2019

Stefan Behnel schrieb am 02.02.19 um 12:22:
> We currently support Py3.3+ for Py3. Py3.4 is expected to reach its EOL
> in March, but still seems worth supporting for another while. Not sure
> about 3.3, probably an "as long as it doesn't hurt" case.

Actually, I just checked – we do not test Py3.3 compatibility anymore, so
it's probably broken already. I had to disable the CI tests for it some
time after its support ended in late 2017, because neither travis nor
appveyor were still providing it in a usable way. So, the minimum Py3
version becomes 3.4 then, and AFAIR, that's in some Linux distros with long
term support, so we should keep it as long as we can easily support it.


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