[Datetime-SIG] DST explained visually

ISAAC J SCHWABACHER ischwabacher at wisc.edu
Wed Aug 26 23:04:45 CEST 2015

> However, apparently, the idea goes back to 1917 Germany.   As Paul Eggert explained in private correspondence,
> """
> fold=0 and fold=1 is like the longstanding German standard for expressing times as strings, which uses "A" and "B" to distinguish time stamps that would otherwise be ambiguous.  If I understand things correctly, normally fold=0, but you can have fold=1 when  time stamps are repeated.  For more about the German standard, you can start with the Wikipedia description here: [2]
> """
>  [2]:  https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sommerzeit#Offizielle_Regelung_der_Zeitumstellung

My favorite part of that Wikipedia article is this sentence:

"Sie darf nicht verwechselt werden mit der international üblichen Abkürzung der Zeitzonen, nach der 2 Uhr MESZ als 0200B und 2 Uhr MEZ als 0200A bezeichnet werden."

Which is to say (IIUC) that the international standard is that the first occurrence is B and the second is A, exactly the opposite of the German system. O Weh!


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