[Datetime-SIG] Timeline arithmetic?

Tim Peters tim.peters at gmail.com
Fri Sep 4 21:29:34 CEST 2015

> Btw, I have a minor objection to the term "classic arithmetic." It's a
> made-up term from this mailing list, and I don't think it describes a
> real distinct thing, it's just a euphemism for "naive arithmetic."

"Naive arithmetic" is also a made-up term from this mailing list
(perhaps from one of the related messages choking some other mailing
list before this list was created).  I know, because I'm the one who
made it up :-)

> I'm not sure why the euphemism arose; I _think_ it arose because it
> sounds wrong to say that aware datetimes perform naive arithmetic. I
> think that sounds wrong to roughly the same extent that it is wrong, so
> I don't see any point in using a made-up euphemism to hide it :-)

Guido made up "classic arithmetic" to replace my made-up "naive
arithmetic".  I think it's a good change.  "naive arithmetic"
currently to both "naive" and "aware" datetimes, but from "naive
arithmetic" alone it's too easy to _assume_ it only applies to naive

There was also agreement that it was unfortunate the docs ever used
the word "naive" anywhere for any purpose.

The term "timeline arithmetic" (aka "strict arithmetic") was also made
up on this mailing list, but isn't needed to describe anything Python

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