Peter Wolk peterw@stc.com
Wed, 31 Jan 1996 16:39:54 -0800

At 07:00 AM 1/31/96, Paul Everitt wrote:
>In a further effort to separate interface from implementation, Brian Lloyd and 
>Chris Heaps here are writing an ILU interface for the Strawman API.  Brian is
>working on an ILU module that will connect to a Microsoft Access database,
and >publish it as the Strawman ISL object. Chris is working on connecting
it to >miniSQL...not directly (i.e. a C mapping), but via the Python module
for miniSQL.
>I certainly don't expect to get everyone to use ILU.  However, having an
ISL is 
>a very good way to define a spec.

We will be using Python, ILU, Informix etc.  Does this define a subset of
DB-Sig that needs to develop any unique tools?

I am also looking for controls for this environment from PowerBuilder.
Anyone else out there in THAT subset?

Can someone give me a reference to miniSQL?  What is it?  Where is it?  etc.

Thanks.  Peter-

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