Greg Stein greg_stein@eshop.com
Wed, 31 Jan 1996 19:06:28 -0800

At 4:39 PM 1/31/96, Peter Wolk wrote:
>We will be using Python, ILU, Informix etc.  Does this define a subset of
>DB-Sig that needs to develop any unique tools?

We're using the same core functionalities here. :-)  I believe that ISL
specifications (and ILU integration) of this API is fully within the realm
of this SIG. This SIG is about database access. If that happens to be
talking to a FoxPro database running Win95 from a Macintosh via a Unix
intermediary... fine :-)

>I am also looking for controls for this environment from PowerBuilder.
>Anyone else out there in THAT subset?


>Can someone give me a reference to miniSQL?  What is it?  Where is it?  etc.


It is a freeware client/server database. It implements a subset of ANSI
SQL. Paul & Co. have used it extensively and seem to be quite happy with
it. I have yet to try it :-(.

Paul - are you guys going to rewrite PyMSQL in terms of the new API, or
just do a compatibility layer? I wasn't very clear on what you said you
guys were up to with respect to mSQL. Further, if it is a compatibility
layer, then it may be interesting to look at PyGRES (Postgres interface). I
saw somewhere that the mSQL/Postgres python modules have similar
interfaces. Could be that we can swipe two databased with a single compat


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