[PYTHON DB-SIG] PREVIEW OLE-Access database module.....

Brian Lloyd/Digital Creations Brian.Lloyd@digicool.com
26 Jan 96 15:20:20

Hi all.

 I have been playing with PythonWin's OLE functions here lately, 
and with a little help from an OLE object browser managed to build an
interface to MS' Data Access Objects. You can essentially create and manipulate 
Access dbs on about the same level as VB 4 can, but do it from python using 
python structures as records, etc.

It's still a very early hack, but I thought someone might be interested 
(if you're interested enough to contribute, that'd be even better! ;)

The first quick stab at an interface and a short demo are available via
anonymous ftp at:


Let me know if you find it useful (or hateful...)

And now a quick aside related to OLE:

This DAO module would have been impossible except that I happened
to find some very cool software that lets you browse all of the 
OLE objects installed on your system.  I had the DAO type library, 
but when I ran makeole.py on it, all of the class definitions were:

class _:

 <some methods>

Needless to say, twenty-some classes named *underscore* are pretty 
useless. But using this object browser, I could sleuth out what the
classes were supposed to be, as well as know much more about what
datatypes the methods were expecting.

(Which was *very* cool, as you generally know just about zilch as 
far as what an OLE method is expecting as an argument from python...)

Anyway, the software is called VBA Companion, and any of you working
on using OLE from python should definitely check it out. 

B. Lloyd, 
Digital Creations, L.C.

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