[PYTHON DB-SIG] Response to Greg Stein, and Mark Hammond's response to PeterBraam

Paul Everitt/Digital Creations Paul.Everitt@digicool.com
31 Jan 96 7:00:33

Gosh, I'd like to get in on all this chatting too :^)

In a further effort to separate interface from implementation, Brian Lloyd and 
Chris Heaps here are writing an ILU interface for the Strawman API.  

Brian is working on an ILU module that will connect to a Microsoft Access 
database, and publish it as the Strawman ISL object.  You can then connect from 
any platform that has ILU (being, it appears, Win32, many Unices, and even OS/2.

Chris is working on connecting it to miniSQL...not directly (i.e. a C mapping), 
but via the Python module for miniSQL.

I certainly don't expect to get everyone to use ILU.  However, having an ISL is 
a very good way to define a spec.


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