[PYTHON DB-SIG] Update...

Michael McLay mclay@eeel.nist.gov
Fri, 1 Mar 96 14:58:44 EST

Roger E. Masse writes:
> Michael McLay writes:
>  > Paul Everitt writes:
>  > > I have a question about the db-sig's purpose: should we also be the forum for 
>  > > developing an ILU interface for data access?
>  > 
>  > Wasn't the original focus to be on table based databases such as SQL?
>  > Perhaps the focus should remain on that topic until the API is
>  > finished and then move on to distributed objects.
>  > 
> Why wait if others are interested in getting the ball rolling in new areas?

I don't have strong feelings on this topic.  I was just reporting on
what I recalled the group had decided at the workshop.  There could be
a problem if the group becomes defocused and stop making progress on
the table database standard.  Also, ILU is just a remote data access
tool.  There isn't a database associated with the technology, so does
it make sense to discuss it in this group?  The WWW Consortium
is discussing the use of ILU as the next generation HTTP. Perhaps
this discussion should also include the web-sig@python.org, or
possibly it should be moved to that sig.


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