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Greg Stein greg_stein@eshop.com
Fri, 1 Mar 1996 13:43:00 -0800

At 2:58 PM 3/1/96, Michael McLay wrote:
>Roger E. Masse writes:
>> Michael McLay writes:
>>  > Paul Everitt writes:
>>  > > I have a question about the db-sig's purpose: should we also be the
>>forum for
>>  > > developing an ILU interface for data access?
>>  >
>>  > Wasn't the original focus to be on table based databases such as SQL?
>>  > Perhaps the focus should remain on that topic until the API is
>>  > finished and then move on to distributed objects.

We have designed an API at this point. People seem to be okay with it (it
certainly hasn't gotten any negative feedback so far). Why not have a
specification for it in ILU, too? Makes total sense to me.

>a problem if the group becomes defocused and stop making progress on
>the table database standard.  Also, ILU is just a remote data access
>tool.  There isn't a database associated with the technology, so does
>it make sense to discuss it in this group?  The WWW Consortium

ILU is a remote method call system, not data access. In any case, if you
want to look at it as data access, then it could be in this group. In any
case, having a standard remote database access scheme isn't a bad thing.

>is discussing the use of ILU as the next generation HTTP. Perhaps
>this discussion should also include the web-sig@python.org, or
>possibly it should be moved to that sig.

ILU as it pertains to use in conjunction with web systems makes sense for
that group. ILU as it pertains to database access makes sense here. ILU
can't really be categorized as one or the other -- I'm sure you realize
that it has many applications.

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