[PYTHON DB-SIG] Forms package?

POINOT Marc mpoinot@jupiter.matra-com.fr
Thu, 7 Mar 1996 08:10:44 GMT

At 22:10 06/03/1996 EST, pjg@MIT.EDU wrote:
>Hi folks.  I've been reading this list for a while, but have never posted, 
>so greetings to everyone.
>Does anyone know if work is under way to create a gui form builder for 
>Python/ SQL, perhaps as a part of the DB-sig?

We haven't got a real form package. However, we have a WPY class which
is a 'table output formatter' (hum...). This class can display a table
(e.g. a RDBMS one, retrieved from a SQL query) and then to fit its
 - Rotate/Swap columns
 - Delete column (on display !)
 - Retitle columns
 - Set output format (date, integer, left/center/right string, etc...)
 - Save/Restore a previously defined format
 - Call a user defined action on a selected row

If you are interested in we can post you, this class is 90% implemented
above WPY which can run on both TK (X11) and MFC (Windows).

Marcvs [alias And if someone has an answer to your request, please let us know]

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