[PYTHON DB-SIG] Re: db-sig presentation at IPC-IV

Greg Stein greg_stein@eshop.com
Wed, 29 May 1996 13:04:08 -0800

>Great, I look forward to hearing it.  Will your presentation include a
>discussion of future plans for the API?  The current API is a really
>good start at standardization, but it seems that something is still
>needed to mask SQL from the Python end user.

I'm not sure that I'll present the API itself, other than a reference to
the page, which I believe is a pretty good presentation in itself. I
certainly haven't heard any feedback to debunk my belief :-)

Regarding the API: it is impossible to mask SQL from the user. You lose all
of the relational capabilities that the database exists for. The intent of
the API (from where I'm coming from, which I should write to the sig now
that I think about it):

"The API is for presenting a database's complete functionality to Python at
the most minimal level (Guido's "cover functions for the C library"
philosophy). It is not intended to make all databases appear the same, but
to create a framework or model that many can use. The intent is for
similarity, but not exactitude (which would put too heavy a burden on the
module implementor). Due to the wide variety of database capabilities, many
of the modules might even expose additional functionality.

The benefit arises from having a similar conceptual model and framework
between the databases. Since each module exposes its corresponding
database's full functionality, it should be possible for a higher-level
module to use that functionality to create more abstracted database
concepts or to hide differences between actual module implementations."

I'll post the above to generate some discussion. The db-sig is too quiet :-)


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