[PYTHON DB-SIG] [comp.lang.python] Date-Time requirements (esp. for databases)

Petri Raitio per@tekla.fi
Thu, 31 Oct 1996 13:54:23 +0200

"Petri" =3D=3D Petri Raitio <per@tekla.fi> writes:

Petri> I would also like to see operations for inquiring week number
Petri> and day-of-week information; I have a week number algorithm
Petri> that returns correct week numbers according to the definition
Petri> here in Finland, but I'm not sure how universal this is.
Petri> (Weeks start with Monday; the first Friday in January is always
Petri> on week 1; thus the week number can run up to 53, the last week
Petri> in a year can be number 1 from the next year, and the first
Petri> week can be 52 or 53 from the previous year.)

I just read Fredrik's description of the ISO standard week numbers,
which says that *Thursday* is the crucial day.  This happens to be
correct ;)

My interpretation (Friday) was verified with the (Danish) Time System
calendar, which tells me Friday, Jan 1, 1999 would be week 1, whereas
is should really be week 53!  I just called them, and they admitted
there is an error in the calendar.


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