[PYTHON DB-SIG] The Java API by comparison

Michael McLay mclay@fermi
Fri, 20 Sep 1996 11:50:13 GMT

I just ran across the Java DB interface definition and thought it
might make a good starting point for reactivating this list.  By
comparison the Python DB interface is much smaller.  Is this a feature
of the language, or is the job of defining a Python DB API just not


This brings me to the question of how we can start quantifying the
quality of interfaces in Python.  It would be very helpful to new
users to have a rating system in place that indicates the level of
completeness, performance, ease of use, and other parameters for a
given interface.  Without such a system the Python extension library
will remain a black box in which lots of good stuff is mixed in with
half baked and obsolete technologies.


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