[PYTHON DB-SIG] RE: [PYTHONWIN-SIG] odbc , first reports

Greg Stein gstein@microsoft.com
Mon, 30 Sep 1996 11:43:04 -0700

you're welcome :-)

btw, I'm still in the process of making that DatabaseAPI.html more up to
date and actually including a link to it from the db-sig page... Had
problems last week when I tried...

Note that, for at least Python 1.4b3 itself, a vc40.mak is supplied in
the distrubution under PC. I'm not sure what Mark's plans are for
integrating PythonWin in there or in something like it. Whereever it
goes, the ODBC module would be just another sub-project in there.


>From: 	Hirendra Hindocha[SMTP:hiren@dnaco.net]
>Sent: 	Sunday, September 29, 1996 9:43 PM
>To: 	pythonwin-sig@python.org
>Subject: 	[PYTHONWIN-SIG] odbc , first reports
>Anxious to check out the odbc module ( and too impatient to wait for
>it to be included in the .exe ) I compiled the odbc module . Here is
>the report - 
>compilation - I had trouble compiling the PythonWin Src distribution
>as it was looking for make_nt.in (which isn't availabe in the
>Python 1.4b3 distribution / or I could not find it ). I picked up
>make_nt.in from the 1.3 distribution and compiled the odbc module 
>(other modules like the PythonWin, win32api complained and did not
>compile). A few of the other modules compiled fine. 
>I installed the binary distribution of PythonWin 10-b3.exe and dropped
>the odbc.pyd and dbi.pyd in the pythonpath.
>odbc module - 
>That worked and the odbc module works fine. Thanks eshop/microsoft guys.
>Would it be possible to ship a VC make file with the PythonWin
>source distribution ? 
>I found the DatabaseAPI.html useful to figure out how to use this module. 
>Here is a code snippet that can act as an example/documentation  - 
>--------------------------------cut here-------------------------
>import odbc
>        s = odbc.odbc('DSN/UID/PASSWORD')
>        cur = s.cursor()
>        cur.execute('select * from discounts')
>        print cur.description
>        for tup in cur.description:
>                print tup[0],
>        print
>        while 1:
>                rec = cur.fetchmany(10)
>                if not rec: break
>                print rec
>except NameError,e:
>        print 'error ', e, 'undefined'
>--------------------------------cut here-------------------------
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