[PYTHON DB-SIG] RE: Looking for examples of oracledb usage

Anthony Baxter Anthony Baxter <arb@connect.com.au>
Tue, 22 Apr 1997 13:30:39 +1000

>>> Greg Stein wrote
> The bind variables are numbered using 1-based values. As I recall, there
> is no limit to the number of bind variables you may specify, but Jim
> Fulton would be the expert here for the oracledb module.

The OCI docs say the allowable range is 1-255. 

I can't see how you'd want more than that in a query... 

The alternate, :name form of the binding syntax is not supported.
I'm not sure I want to add it - it would be nice, but hmmmm.... How
about if the bind tuple passed is a dictionary of name: value pairs?
Or is that too hacky?


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