[DB-SIG] Looking for more interfaces...

Mike Meyer mwm@contessa.phone.net
Thu, 21 Aug 1997 12:36:44 PST

Since the list appears inactive, I figure I would just jump in with my
questions, rather than watch for a bit. Apologies if this is
inappropriate.  Further , I'm still getting up to speed on many of
these technologies, so gentle guidance towards appropriate
documentation would be appreciated in the cases where I asked a stupid

Question set 1:
Has anyone done a version of the database API for either mSQL or
MySQL? How about using the ODBC version of the interface with MySQL? 

Question set 2:

I'm contemplating a higher-level interface, something a bit more OO.
This is being driven by a distributed application that has parts of
objects in SQL databases, and parts of objects *NOT* in SQL databases,
and etc.  I'd like to be able to easily build objects that get data
attributes from an SQL row, but have other attributes coming from
elsewhere. Anything existing along these lines? I've seen references
to OODBC, but haven't been able to turn up a description, other than
pointers into MS documentation, which makes me think it's not all that


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