[DB-SIG] indexing with python ?

chas sweeting@neuronet.com.my
Fri, 22 Aug 1997 06:06:45 +0800

thanks for the original tip, John - will look
at the theory of it anyway,




>> > Before I end up recreating the wheel (and undoubtedly making it
>> > a shoddy, square wheel), are there any resources or scripts which
>> > deal with indexing of documents / databases with python ?
>> You might try Digital Creation's "Inverted Index" stuff:
>>         http://www.digicool.com/releases/unsupported/InvertedIndex/
>No! Please don't!  The version we released scales horribly. 

thanks for the warning. explains why no link on that page.
and pls ignore my previous email on this Paul.

sounds familiar too : we were looking at one based on Verity 
(Allaire's Forums using Cold Fusion) but the verity indexing is 
really resource intensive and Verity seems to be incredibly buggy. 
(i heard Verity was also based on perl somewhere along the line)

>Unfortunately, I don't think we'll release a free version of
>InvertedIndex that's any good. :-[

okey dokey. 

>Eventually, we will offer a commercial Python OODBMS product that
>includes a much improved inverted index, as well as other indexing
>structures such as various database-oriented tree and set structures. In
>the mean time, we are willing to license this technology on a case by
>case basis.  We are currently using this technology heavily in our own

well - i'm afraid the budget for our application at the moment
is zilch since it's just for simple discussion forums (web-board
type things) for the company... and they don't view my time
as a cost for some weird reason.
But i don't mind since i've always been interested in how indexing 
works so will check your white paper anyway for the basics. thank you.


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