[PYTHON DB-SIG] oracledb examples

aaron watters aaron_watters@msn.com
Tue, 4 Feb 97 03:03:29 UT

When I used the oracledb I never got multirow inserts to
work.  Maybe I was doing something wrong, though.
Single row inserts seemed pretty fast, at least for
the sort of batch processing I was doing.  Supposedly
if the command string doesn't change it need not be
reparsed and reprepared, but I don't know if this
possibility is actually implemented.  - Aaron Watters

From:  owner-db-sig@python.org on behalf of Markus Indenbirken
I'm looking for sample code on inserting multiple rows at a time, which I
understand is possible using the oracledb module.

Markus Indenbirken                         E-Mail: ib@procom.de

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