[PYTHON DB-SIG] Python vs Perl DB API

Michael Lorton mlorton@microsoft.com
Wed, 5 Feb 1997 11:07:24 -0800

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>From:	Orjan Reinholdsen [SMTP:orjan@spinne.ip.lu]
>I'v timed the execution of a Perl script and a Python script 
>doing the same thing, with the result that the Perl script is 
>roughly 3 times faster that the Python script. I should note that the 
>DB operations in the scripts involves a select and the formating 
>of roughly 2500 lines of text output (mainly using 'print'). 
>So the question arise: Why is the Python script significantly slower 
>than the Perl script? Is it because of the  "speed" of 'oracledb' 
>and/or the Python DB API, or is it because Python is generically 
>slower that Perl? Any suggestions for speed improvement??
>1. The Oracle interface is not optimized for speed of execution so much as
>speed of implementation :-).  In particular, it re-prepares and re-binds a
>query whenever it is reused.  I would call the author of it all sort of
>filthy names, except I wrote the code myself.
>2. Formatting of output is (or should be) Perl's particular metier.
>BTW, where is ".lu"?  Lithuania?

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