[PYTHON DB-SIG] dbi conformant sybase module

Peter Godman pgodman@vgi.com
Wed, 12 Feb 1997 15:57:22 -0500 (EST)

On Wed, 12 Feb 1997, Bill Bumgarner wrote:

> It was asked before-- and spawned a nice conversation, from the look of the  
> message archive.  But the result was not a dbi conformant sybase module...  
> so, i'll ask again:
> Is anyone working on a python DBI conformant sybase module [Ted?]?  If so,  
> how much progress has been made and where can I get a hold of the latest  
> source so that I can potentially contributed?

I've just started work on a DBI conformant ct-lib (as opposed to db-lib) 
module.   A db-lib but non-DBI module already exists, thanks to Ted.  I'm 
working on the ct-lib version because I would like to use linux with 
Sybase, and sybase only seems to provide ct-lib for linux (in aout 
format, yecchh!).

> Along similar lines;  Sybase supports a bulk loading interface-- it is very  
> convenient when loading a massive quantity of data of known conformance all  
> at once... anyone added support for the bulk loading (bcp_) interface to the  
> sybase module?
I intend to support bulk loading.  Any help, advice, collaboration or 
anything else people would like to contribute will appreciated.

> thanks,
> b.bum
Peter Godman

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