[PYTHON DB-SIG] API conformant sybase module

aaron watters aaron_watters@msn.com
Thu, 9 Jan 97 21:52:31 UT

From:  owner-db-sig@python.org on behalf of Ted Horst

I just don't see the point of having a method that renders an object  
completely useless, but keeps it around.  I guess I will implement the close  
method as stated, but keep my connect and disconnect methods as well.

Remember that objects can be shared, and, for
example, in the case of a socket connection
the other end of the conversation may go away
in a way that it cannot come back when a socket
is closed. Thus if a socket is closed it stays around
in case there are other references in the program,
but if the program tries to do anything with the
socket (except close it again) it will get an
exception.  It makes no sense for a server to try to "reopen"
a socket that was initiated by a client which
doesn't exist anymore, for example...

This may also make sense in certain
 of databases, but I dunno.
   -- Aaron Watters

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