[PYTHON DB-SIG] DB-Modules returning lists of dicts

aaron watters aaron_watters@msn.com
Thu, 9 Jan 97 22:07:31 UT

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Sent:  Thursday, January 09, 1997 8:14 AM
To:  db-sig@python.org; Glenn T. Colby
Cc:  Lyndon Hicks; R. Mark Adams; Rick Stacy
Subject:  Re: [PYTHON DB-SIG] DB-Modules returning lists of dicts

Hey folks,

May I assume that due to the lack of response (with the exception
of Glenn Colby's, thanks for your comments Glenn), that there is
no interest out there in Python database modules giving the *option*
to return a list of dictionaries as an alternative to the list
of tuples that are currently returned?

I don't see any reason to not do it this way.  Why not implement it this
way and then provide a wrapper that provides the standard behaviour
(conformant to Greg's spec).? Or visa versa.  In fact write an
alternative (competing) spec and provide standard wrapper classes
that translate to the standard behaviour. Then I believe each
alternate namedb module could probably be wrapped in reverse
to mirror your functionality.

That said, I kinda like the spec - simple, but not too simple,
and not too sql-centric, in case something better comes up.
* Aaron Watters
(and thanks again to greg for coming up with *something*
for a long time there was just blather, at least now there's
*some* spec to complain about ;).)

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