[PYTHON DB-SIG] DB-Modules returning lists of dicts

Greg Stein gstein@microsoft.com
Fri, 10 Jan 1997 14:23:48 -0800

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>Subject: 	Re: [PYTHON DB-SIG] DB-Modules returning lists of dicts
>I'm very interested in Jim Fulton's ideas regarding a database
>tuple type, or a more robust database object.  I definitely think
>we will pursue something like this here.

The dtuple.py that I posted was based on Jim's ideas after a talk we had
at a Python conference a year ago. He couldn't publish his code, so
wrote the new stuff to match his needs/desires (and mine :-). It works
well, but won't be as performant as a C-based implementation, which is
what Jim had developed.


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