[PYTHON DB-SIG] Re: [PYTHONWIN-SIG] Info about Python and ODBC uploaded

chas sweeting@neuronet.com.my
Fri, 9 May 1997 15:29:46 +0800

>I've just uploaded some documentation about Python and ODBC (python_odbc.
>tar.gz) .
>Here is the readme for that file  --

went looking for that documentation but no joy....
the python ftp site is a maze. don't suppose you have the 
exact location ?

but just a general question on databases : if i am 
creating web-to-database apps with python, without a commercial 
database, which is the best way to go ? msql and postgres are only 
available on unix. i would like to keep developing on NT but have
the option of running the same apps on unix at a later date...
that is after all, python's supposed strength, no ?

odbc seems the way to go for windows but for unix ?
for cross platform, i am using flat files at the moment 
but that is not too scalable me thinks. (or is python
really that fast with lists ?)

thank you very much for any advice and excuse my dragging the
intelligence level of SIGs down.


ps. anyone ever come across an IOERROR problem on NT with python cgi scripts
    ... they function fine from the command line but when called 
    via the web, i keep getting a bizarre error :

open ("domains.txt", "r") IOError: (2, 'No such file or directory'   

   the file most certainly does exist (as witnessed by
   the success of the script from the command line)... and the
   IUSER with MSIIS has full control over the directory ....

apologies for the bad form if i am posting all of 
this in the wrong places....

>The tar.gz file contains a detailed explanation about the
>LMS (Library Management System ) written using Python and ODBC.
>I hope this might help others who have been looking for some
>info and examples about Python and ODBC.
>If you have questions please post them to the pythonwin list.
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