[PYTHON DB-SIG] Database API on SGI/Irix5.3

Andreas Hausleitner andreas.hausleitner@khsa.khs-linz.ac.at
Tue, 13 May 1997 10:38:42 +0100

I have tried to create a sharded library of the files in oracledb-0.1.2
Python1.3. I am always getting unresolved symbols or a core dump.
Do you know anybody, who has compiled the library for the SGI/Irix5.3
or who has any hints to get successful.

Thanks in advance,


Andreas Hausleitner
University of Art and Industrial Design
Center for Informatics Services (ZID)
Information Systems
Hauptplatz 8, A-4010 Linz, Austria - Europe
email: a.hausleitner@khsa.khs-linz.ac.at
phone: (++43)/+732 78 51 73 - 265
fax:   (++43)/+732 78 35 08

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