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Yu Jiang
Thu, 15 May 1997 11:27:46 -0500

Hi Everybody:

I am installing oracledb on Solaries, and experienced errors as:

	'OPT=-g -Dsolaries -I./'

Based on the following words in Makefile:
>   CFLAGS=-g -Dsolaries -I./
>   # ABOVE, 
>   # A_OSF is defined to trigger all of the platform specific variable 
>   # declarations for a dec alpha running osf(from oratypes.h).  Also 
>   # note that the current directory is included because it is the 
>   # location of oratypes.h, ociapr.h, and ocidfn.h

I tried to fullfil OPT line as:

   CFLAGS=-g -Dsolaries -I./MYORAHOME_path

to allow oratypes.h, ociapr.h to be accessed. But did not work too.

By the way, I installed my python locally. Please help me out.


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