[DB-SIG] ANN: mxODBC (ODBC DB-API support for Adabas)

Harri Pasanen pa@tekla.fi
Tue, 18 Nov 1997 15:38:41 +0200

M.-A. Lemburg writes:
> This is the first release of a module I've written last week
> to finally have a reliable interface to my SQL database ADABAS D.
> It uses the ODBC interface to that DB, so should in general
> also work with other ODBC 2.0 compliant DBs. I tried to be as
> much DB-API 1.0 compatible as possible -- some small parts
> are missing though and the need for a dbi module is completely
> eliminated.
> See http://starship.skyport.net/~lemburg/mxODBC.html for
> more information and the ZIP-archive. I have tested it on Linux
> running Adabas 6.1.1. Linux Edition and Python1.5a4.

Hmm.. looks like there has been duplicate work here:

From: Michael Lausch <mla@gams.at>
Subject: [Announce] Solid and Adabas D Database Module released
Newsgroups: comp.lang.python
Date: 17 Nov 1997 01:56:57 +0100
Organization: g.a.m.s.
Sender: mla@loki.gams.co.at
Message-ID: <u8200g1go6.fsf@loki.gams.co.at>

I just released the SolidPython-0.0.7 package which now includes an
Adabas-D interface. You may find the tar.gz file on our FTP server:


I'm currently adapting the interface to the newer Database API and
plan to integrate the two modules into one, so that a generic ODBC API 
for Unix systems is available. This also means to implement an ODBC

Sorry for the very long delay between the releases. I hope I can
manage to be  more responsive to bug fixes and feature wishes in the


Just for your information,


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