[DB-SIG] Insert for Oracledb

Victoria White white@fnal.gov
Fri, 21 Nov 1997 00:26:07 -0600

Please can someone send me a working code sample of how they
successfully used the oracledb module (from Digital Creations) to insert
one or more rows into an oracle database, preferably based on a List of
previously constructed Tuples.
I have looked at the example posted by Andrew Kuchling (for Solid), and
read most of the past email, including a discussion about binding of
variables using the :N notation.  However, although I can query the
database I have had no success at inserting rows, except by hardcoding
the values into the sql string.
Whatever I try I seem to get Parse errors, or too many arguments, or
sql  not properly terminated, or missing parens, or something! - even
for 1 row.
There seems to be very little activity on this SIG, with no updates to
database API documentation since 1996!   Is there really no-one out
there using this stuff, for Oracle?
Would appreciate help
                                    Vicky White

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