[DB-SIG] Insert for Oracledb

Jim Fulton jim@digicool.com
Mon, 24 Nov 1997 07:20:03 -0500

Christian Tismer wrote:
> I'm working on the ODBC module. Right now I changed it to use the
> new Date type from pywintypes instead of dbiDate. This gives
> true dates to all my patient data.

Way cool!
> Thanks, I'll give it a look.
> Anything urgent which must be done for the ODBC module?

I need an interface to SQLTables, so that I can discover
tables in data sources.  I'm in the process of SWIGing
ODBC to accomplish this. Has anyone else SWIGed ODBC?
If you want to add SQLTable support to the ODBC
module, then I won't bother SWIGing ODBC, although it
has been fun learning SWIG. :-)


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