[DB-SIG] Insert for Oracledb

Christian Tismer tismer@appliedbiometrics.com
Mon, 24 Nov 1997 19:01:14 +0100

M.-A. Lemburg wrote:
> Jim Fulton wrote:
> >
> > I need an interface to SQLTables, so that I can discover
> > tables in data sources.
> Shouldn't be much of a problem. Though it kind of bypasses
> the DB-API where all executes go through cursor.execute.
> The ODBC APIs SQLTable, SQLStatistics, etc. all do pretty
> much the same as an execute with a DB-specific table would
> (I guess the naming differences among the different DBs
> caused these APIs to appear).

Both makes sense!
SQLTables gives you the tables which your ODBC driver wants you to see.
That's what you get when connecting through Access f.i. To have a 
general way is quite nice.

But using the special vendor-specific metatables has some advantages
which can't always be emulated. Example SAS:
There is a virtual workspace "dictionary" which has very nice virtual
entries like "tables, columns, views, workspaces" and all of that.
This gives a very complete description of all the tables which are 
accessible, much more than SQLTables will give. And it all works
through than nice simple standard peephole, with the easy little
ODBC module we have.

I'm a bit concerned about all these c modules necessary. I'd keep
them to a minimum, to do the hard work. Everything else would be
much easier to test and configure if it could go into Python code.

Sam Rushing did something with his calldll module. This goes too
far into the opposite direction. A set of kernel functions would be
right to code in c. It should use less lines than DBI and ODBC and
mxODBC, expose what's necessary for the structures, but allow for 
some sophisticated Python code to deal with special cases.

If I had to adapt to another ODBC driver, I'd like to do it from 
Python, try it out with the pywin browser, all of that.

Does it make sense to expose the ODBC API partially, provide a row
of basic finctions and buld upon it from Python?

cheers - pirx

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