[DB-SIG] ANN: mxODBC Version 0.3

M.-A. Lemburg lemburg@uni-duesseldorf.de
Fri, 28 Nov 1997 15:51:43 +0100

The short story:

mxODBC is a simple ODBC interface and should work (at least
in theory) with any ODBC 2.0 compliant database or ODBC manager.

The long one and the ZIP-file to download:



I've finished including the catalog functions, like .tables et al.
Also included is a bug fix that caused segfaults when you reuse
a cursor and the second execute has more output columns than
the first one. Christian Tismer has tried to get the previous
version to work under Windows. Unfortunately not with much success.
I have fixed a couple of places that should at least make the
module compile under VC, but I'm not sure whether I've fixed
all of them, since I don't have access to a VC-compiler. Under
gcc everything comes out fine and even -Wall is happy.

Marc-Andre Lemburg

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