[DB-SIG] ANN: mxODBC Version 0.3

Hannu Krosing hannu@trust.ee
Sat, 29 Nov 1997 15:50:14 +0200

Greg Stein (Exchange) wrote:

> Bill makes some good points, but the one single thing that caught my eye
> last week when you first announced this was your tossing of the DBI
> module. I'd like to reiterate that that was really not a very good idea
> (IMO).
> Exceptions are handled by identity. The single dbi module provides the

Where can one get the abovementioned "single dbi module"?

I am in a process of writing a postgres db_module (in pure python, currently
runs on both linux and win32, and when Mac version 1.5 is out with its
improved struct module I will be able to make it run on Macs as well) and
I'm also very interested in such a beast.

Until now I have been unable to find the dbi module anywhere.

In fact I have'nt even understood if dbi is supposed to be a submodule of my
dbmodule (like os.path) or a module that is imported separately.

> exception that all db modules will raise. Clients can then catch
> "dbi.integrityError" and catch an error regardless of what underlying db
> module was used. The dbi module also provides a common set of type
> information.

Once more, I would very much want to learn where to get the dbi module.

Until now I was under an impression that such a module existed only
theoretically (in docs) and that everybody should roll his own. That
approach of course would produce a lots of incompatible exceptions all
called dbi.integrityError ;(

Hannu Krosing

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